Service Design is a multi-disciplinary, innovative field that helps organisations see their services from a customer perspective. Organisations across the world are increasingly recognising the value of service design in putting people at the heart of thoughtfully designed activities, processes and experiences. Purposefully designed services put the needs of the people who use them first, and are easier to use, access and deliver. This short video has a range of experts defining service design.

What is the Service Design Academy?

"We are delighted to support and develop the Service Design Academy. We are using Service Design as a major tool in the review and modernisation of all our services to learners as part of our ambitious Good to Great strategy.

The techniques we are using have injected real energy and purpose into our work. Looking at all our services from the users’ point of view has already been really influential in making improvements and we are looking forward to further change.

Service Design has galvanised the College to look at radical changes in the way we deliver our services to learners. From the way that we welcome learners to the way we deliver our teaching and learning, all areas of our operation are being examined and redesigned. The Service design approach is built on partnership work with our learners and bringing their direct experience to influence our decision making.

I would urge businesses and other public services to embrace service design and to employ the techniques in their organisation. It is a fresh, exciting and positive way to use your customers and learners to help you make improvements to their experience. Our staff have been really galvanised by the process and have completely embraced the service design approach."

Grant Ritchie, Principal of Dundee and Angus College

Get accredited

Join the Service Design Academy and start your service design journey today.

The Academy offers a range of service design education and training opportunities.

All our awards are delivered online and through flexible study pathways. Our introductory course in Service Design offers short courses in user research, service design tools and methods, co-design, and a work-based project.

Our Service Design experiences include dynamic and interactive bootcamps delivered in Dundee and the annual Global GovJam. Participation in these can provide credit towards relevant awards.

Bespoke training can be provided for specific sectors and clients, such as healthcare, energy industries, local government, the third sector etc.

Curriculum development involves embedding service design within the curricula of a broad range of further education courses to ensure that tomorrow’s workforce is service design literate and creatively confident.

What do we offer?

The Service Design Academy offer students the opportunity to study in person, at Dundee and Angus College or online, anywhere in the world.

Flexible Learning

The Service Design Academy provides individuals and organisations with flexible, professionally focused, accredited training and education in service design.

Community of Practice

Our courses and events aim to foster design leadership, build service design capacity and create a community of practitioners.

``We practice what we preach``

D&A College are using Service Design to design their services, learning and teaching. Pioneer groups helped us test the Service Design curriculum we offer – it’s revolutionary and radical.

Dynamic Bootcamps

Based in Scotland, the Academy offers the highest standards of engaging class and online course content delivered by world class service design practitioners and researchers.

Practical Tools and Methods

There is an emphasis on practical engagement with the tools and methods introduced, exploring their use in current practice, and gaining a well grounded understanding that connects with the learner’s working context through reflective practice.

Accessible Learning

Our courses are for learners who wish to develop their service design skills and knowledge. They are also relevant to those already in a professional role and those who have some responsibility for service delivery.