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Our Story

Throughout the world, organisations are recognising the value of service design in putting people at the heart of thoughtfully designed activities, processes and experiences. Whether public services, large businesses or new start-ups, service design adds value, improves collaboration and makes work more efficient, effective and fulfilling.

To develop expertise in service design for advancing your career, you want education and training that you can start and finish exactly when you want, available online. You also want to be able to fit study around unpredictable demands at both work and home. However, you may also want to take advantage of short, intensive and more immersive training events. Feeling part of a learning community is also important to you. Above all, you want this to be delivered by world class specialist tutors, leading to internationally recognised qualifications.

Because this is not provided elsewhere is why the Service Design Academy exists.

We believe that Service Design has the power to transform services and communities, to enable organisations to deliver new levels of value to their users and clients, and innovators to unlock the potential of new technologies that create value for society. From social enterprises to new business ventures, from social innovation to creating new service models, the Service Designer will call on a wide range of skills. We aim to help you develop those skills so that you:

● Feel equipped to apply service design methods and tools in your own professional domain.
● Increase your creative confidence through service design.
● Improve your career prospects as more employers seek service design skills.
● Share experience with others in the field, as you network in the world of service design.

Who We Are

The Service Design Academy is a partnership between Dundee and Angus College and Open Change.
Together, these partners provide learning experiences that are rigorously developed and monitored and draw upon the latest research and practice.
The Academy’s Advisory Board includes representatives from the service design profession, business, government and the third sector to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of quality and professional relevance.

Dundee and Angus College

Dundee and Angus College is one of the country’s largest and most innovative further and higher education colleges providing a range of courses up to degree level. With 23,000 students and offering around 1,000 courses it is involved in a number of international partnerships and projects and it is committed to using service design itself to make the experience of its students and staff the best it can be.

This strategic commitment led the College to collaborate with Open Change, and this collaboration has evolved swiftly into the Service Design Academy.

Open Change

Open Change is a service design company founded by Hazel White and Mike Press. They founded pioneering Masters courses in service design and design management, deliver online learning for the Queen’s Young Leaders programme, and have published and spoken at conferences internationally.

Open Change brings their experience of directing a Masters course in Design for Services, delivering the only postgraduate study in service design specifically for social workers and health professionals, and providing the Change by Design programme for the Queen’s Young Leaders for the University of Cambridge.

Meet Our Team

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Caron 2 pic

Caron Sandeman

Business Systems Development Manager
Katie pic

Katie Bain

Development Officer for the Service Design Academy
jennifer pic

Dr Jennifer Jones

Lecturer for the Service Design Academy
Alison 2 pic

Alison Duncan

Administration Support
Hazel pic

Hazel White

Director of Open Change
Mike pic

Mike Press

Director of Open Change