Bespoke training packages can be created for you.  We’re happy to discuss your requirements and work together to deliver what you need.  Please contact or call Caron on 01382 834915. A range of funding options could be available for businesses, detailed below.

Flexible Workforce Development Fund

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund is available to levy paying organisations for workforce development training to upskill and reskill your existing workforce.

Scottish Enterprise ‘By Design’ Grant

Funding for eligible SMEs and Social Enterprises in Scotland looking to use design in the development of a new product or service

Further information can be found via the following web link:

Standard Innovation Vouchers

Standard Innovation Vouchers are designed to promote new partnerships between eligible work organisations and Scottish Universities and Colleges

Standard Innovation Voucher applications are open to all SMEs, Social Enterprise and Third Sector organisations partnering with a College or University in Scotland

The value of a Standard Innovation Voucher is between £1,000 and £5,000 which upon final completion is paid directly to the academic institution for services provided

The partnering organisation must provide match funding at least equivalent to the value of the Standard Innovation Voucher (but this can be a non-cash alternative e.g. staff time on the project)

Academic expertise delivered for a particular project cannot be obtained alternatively through commercial channels (e.g. general consultancy)

Projects must be innovative and lead to novel products, services or processes of benefit to the organisation applying, the academic institution and the Scottish economy

Organisations can only apply individually for one voucher although organisations may also apply as a group (with up to 4 organisations pooling their vouchers) to address a common problem

Further information can be found via the following web link:


Further information on funding for businesses is available from Brian Riley – tel. 01382 834876, email