First, let’s be clear – Service Design is the design of services.

To a user, a service is simple. It’s a means to an end.  It enables them to do something that they need to do – like learn to drive, buy a house, or become a childminder.

However, if you search online for Service Design you’ll find an array of toolkits and design processes.  Five circled grids. Double diamonds. Mental models.  You’d be hard pressed to not think that it was all about the process of design, rather than empowering users to achieve what they want to do.

This is changing though.  Service design is moving inside organisations, and inside businesses.  We don’t see Service Design as being about mental models or double diamonds, we see it as working with users to deliver successful services that delight those who use them.



We believe that Service Design has the power to transform services and communities, to enable companies to deliver new levels of value to their customers, and innovators to unlock the potential of new technologies that create value for society.  From social enterprise to new business ventures, from social innovation to creating new service models, the Service Designer will call on a wide range of skills.  We aim to help you develop those skills so that you:

  • feel equipped to apply service design methods and tools in your own professional domain
  • increase your creative confidence as a service designer
  • improve your career prospects as more employers are increasing their service design capacity
  • share experience with others in the field, as you network in the world of service design

Interested in finding out more?  Why not read about our approach to training or contact us for more information.