The SDA Approach to Learning


The workshop activities promote learning & independent learning

The workshops promote learning and the learning  process. The service design principles influence the lesson design positively. Most activities are completed  in groups however delegates come as individuals and are therefore always applying the learning to their own  individual context. Some activities are set as individual  tasks where delegates are working with a specific individual goal in mind, even when working on these tasks delegates still enjoy sharing ideas and thinking.

Our workshops engage all participants

The delegates are engaged throughout. Group work  is used consistently encouraging shared thinking and  collaborative working. Groups self-select based on their  main interests and goals within each section of the workshops and as a result the groups are regularly changing makeup.

Approaches and methods

The workshops contain a variety of approaches and  methods. Whole workshops discussion, games, group  activities, tutor lead discussion and partner work.


Power point presentations support the workshops  without dominating. Mobile phones are used as cameras to capture information and stages of the process. Participants regularly take photos of the materials that they produce, capturing meaningful moments for themselves as they arise.

Meeting organisational needs

The workshops are designed to meet organisational and participant needs.  The participants can be from mixed backgrounds and professional contexts and can find good context from each of the activities within their groups. The participants can interact and share ideas/thinking very easily. This is enhanced by delegate input and conversations being picked up on and fed back to the workshops when we feel it could be useful and appropriate.